1.   LINE Corporation (the “Company”) provides the Partners with LINE Sampling service (the “Service”) on the basis of this Terms and Conditions. These Terms of Use shall be deemed to constitute the “Specific Terms,” as referenced in the Major Terms and General Terms and Conditions of the Services. The Major Terms and General Terms and Conditions of the Services, these Terms of Use, the items prescribed in the media guides related to the Service and the order form shall apply to use the Service. In any instance where there is a conflict between these provisions, the order form shall take precedence, followed by media guides, these Terms of Use, and then the Major Terms and General Terms and Conditions of the Services.

2.  This Service allows the Partner to issue the Exchange code (the “Exchange code”) possible to exchange products, services or rights (hereinafter referred to as the “Designated items”) to the User who uses the "LINE" app (the “LINE”) operated/provided by the Company when the User participates in the campaign specified by the Partner and has determined by the method specified by the Partner.

For the use of the Service, the Partner shall comply with the following items.

(1)   The Partner shall clearly guide the Users that the provider of the Exchange code and Designated items to the User is the Partner.

(2)   The effective period of the Exchange code shall be set within the period necessary for the exchange of Designated items, and within the maximum of six months (regardless of each campaign period).

(3)   Other contents described in the Company’s media guides.

3.   The Company does not explicitly or implicitly guarantee that the Service, including LINE, is free from de facto or legal flaws (including but not limited to stability, reliability, accuracy, integrity, effectiveness, fitness for certain purposes, legality to use for certain purposes, security-related faults, errors or bugs, infringements of rights). In addition, even if the scheduled number of the Exchange codes to be issued has been set for the Designated items, the Company cannot guarantee the issue of all the scheduled numbers.

4.   The Partner shall properly and legally procure and process the rights and obligations and usage relationships of the Designated items etc. specified by the Partners and the materials to be provided to the Company (including product samplings, advertising artworks, and the Exchange code). The Partner also shall grant the right (the right to reproduce, translate, adapt, modify or transmit to public and marks relating to the Service (including but not limited to trademarks of the Partner)) to use the materials etc. to provide to the Company for the necessary period in the necessary area with the necessary limit in order to realize the usage of Service. The Company shall be deemed to destroy the possessing materials that became unnecessary without obligation to return the materials offered by the Partner to the Partner.

5.   The Company may suspend or discontinue all or a portion of the Service for the Major Terms and General Terms and Conditions of the Services or any of the reasons listed below. The Company is not liable for any damages to the Partner due to the suspension or discontinuance of the provision of the Service.

(1)   Activities that violate the Major Terms and General Terms and Conditions of the Services, these Terms and Conditions of Use, and other conditions, agreement, guidelines, standards etc. applicable to the Partner which are set accordingly by the Company, and relevant laws or regulations applicable to the campaign or the Partner.

(2)   Activities that illegally or improperly lead to the collection of User’s information.

(3)   Other activities that are deemed by the Company to be inappropriate usage of the Partner on social norms.

6.   The Company shall not be responsible for any advertisements or campaigns carried out by the Partners through the Service. The Partner shall bear the responsibility for conducting the advertisement or the campaigns. The Partner must comply with the applicable laws, guidelines, Terms and Conditions, guidelines or standards established by the Company. The Company may review the advertisements and the campaigns in advance which the Partner conduct. Please note that this review does not guarantee the legality of advertisements and campaigns which the Partner conducts. The Company shall not be responsible for verifying whether the User participates in the campaign in appropriate method or not. Therefore, the User who reads QR code or Exchange code designated by the Partner is deemed to be appropriate campaign participants regardless of whether it is an appropriate campaign participant in relation to the Partner or not.

7.   The Company shall offer the information about campaign participant (limited to information specified by the Company, hereinafter referred to as the “User information”) to the Partner when providing the Service. The Partner must not use the User information offered from the Company on any medium except LINE regardless of usage. Even using it on LINE, the Partner must not use it for purposes other than advertisement, promotion or survey of campaign’s products, services or rights that Partner distributes to the market in its own name. The Partner shall obtain prior written consent including e-mail of the Company when the Partner uses the Service acquiring the User information. In that case, the Partner will express and guarantee to the Company that collection, processing, use or transfer of the personal information will be carried out in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations (including but not limited to Link set to the Partner’s privacy policy). 

8.   When a User participates in the campaign, the Partner needs to obtain consent from the User about matters prescribed by the Company. The Company will notify the Users separately about items that require consent.


Enacted: June 1,2017

Revised: March 28,2018