These LINE Ads Platform Terms and Conditions of Use (these “Terms of Use”) set forth between LINE Corporation and/or its Affiliates designated by LINE Corporation (collectively, the “LINE”) and each Partner the conditions for use of LINE Ads Platform (the “Service”). These Terms of Use shall be deemed to constitute the “Specific Terms and Conditions,” as referenced in the Major Terms and General Terms and Conditions of the Services available online at

1. Overview of the Service
The Service allows Partners to use the advertisement distribution system provided by LINE to distribute advertisements of their own, or those of third parties who request Partners, in advertisement slots provided by LINE. Details of the Service shall be in accordance with the media guidelines separately provided by LINE.
2. Exemption from Liability Related to Distribution
LINE does not guarantee that the Service is free from defects, bugs, or any other issues that may occur for any reason. There is the possibility that issues such as advertisements scheduled for distribution not being displayed, advertisement content being displayed in a different format, advertisements being displayed to an unintended audience, or incorrect data being displayed may occur. Partners shall be fully aware of this, and shall not pursue any legal action against LINE even if the advertisement distribution system does not operate correctly or if advertisement distribution is not performed as planned, except in cases where this is due to the willful misconduct of LINE.
3. Distribution Period
The distribution periods for each advertisement shall be decided at each Partner’s discretion, and each advertisement shall be distributed via the Account Manager provided by LINE. In cases where advertisements are distributed longer than the planned distribution period, regardless of whether Partners inform LINE of such distribution in advance, Partners shall pay usage fees to LINE based on the actual results of the distribution of advertisements.
4. Handling of Rights Related to Raw Data
Preparation of the raw data to be distributed on the Service and handling of the rights (including, without limitation, payment to any copyright collective management organizations) for materials used in redirect links provided in such raw data (including, without limitation, domain names, URLs, websites found within the same domain, and apps, collectively, “Redirect Links”) shall be the responsibility of Partners, who shall also bear the responsibility for such expenses. Partners shall grant a perpetual and royalty-free right necessary for displaying the raw data on media covered by the LINE Ads Platform. 

5. Advertisement Screening Standards
Partners must ensure that the raw data content, raw data format and Redirect Links comply with the advertisement screening standards established by LINE or the guidelines incidental thereto such as Advertisement Guidelines available online at (the “Distribution Guidelines, Etc.”). Please note, however, that the Distribution Guidelines, Etc. have not been created to serve as legal advice. Partners and advertisers are responsible for confirming and complying with all laws, regulations, ordinances, etc. which are applicable to the submitted advertisements.

6. Screening of Raw Data and Redirect Links
Raw data content, raw data format and Redirect Links must undergo the prescribed screening in accordance with the Distribution Guidelines, Etc. Advertisements using such raw data may not be distributed without passing this screening. For the avoidance of doubt, the screening does not guarantee that raw data content or the content within Redirect Links is free from de facto or legal flaws (including, without limitation, flaws relating to legality, stability, reliability, accuracy, integrity, effectiveness, or fitness for a particular purpose, as well as security-related faults, errors, bugs, or rights infringements).
7. Responsibility of the Partners
(1) Regardless of whether Partners are the direct advertisers of the relevant advertisement, Partners shall represent and warrant that the raw data and Redirect Links: (a) do not infringe upon the copyrights, industrial property rights, publicity rights, privacy rights, or any other rights of third parties; (b) do not violate the applicable laws and regulations such as Consumer Protection Act, Fair Trade Act, Act Governing Food Safety and Sanitation, Pharmaceutical Affairs Act, Health Food Control Act, Statute for Control of Cosmetic Hygiene, etc., , or any other relevant laws and regulations; (c) contain accurate and up-to-date information, and do not contain (i) content that will confuse users, (ii) computer viruses, (iii) false data, or (iv) unrelated or irrelevant data; (d) do not contain dead links; and (e) do not contain content that offends the public order or morals, slanders a third party, or harms the reputation of a third party.
(2) In cases where LINE receives complaints, claims, or other requests from a third party in relation to raw data or Redirect Links, Partners shall respond to such requests at their own responsibility and expense. In cases where Partners have caused damage to LINE relating to raw data or Redirect Links, Partner shall immediately compensate LINE for all such damage (including, without limitation, lost earnings, special damages, and reasonable legal fees).
8. Suspension of Distribution
Even after completing LINE’s prescribed screening in accordance with the Distribution Guidelines, Etc. on the contents and format of raw data as well as Redirect Links, LINE may, in the following cases, at its own discretion, immediately cease distributing the advertisements in whole or in part, even after the distribution of advertisements with respect to such raw data has commenced, without bearing any legal obligation to Partner such as for breach of contract or compensation for damage: 
(1) in the case of a violation of Partner’s representations and warranties or compliance duties prescribed in these Terms of Use, or in the case of LINE, at its own discretion, determining that such violation is likely to occur, or 
(2) in the case of LINE, at its own discretion, determining that the distribution of raw data or related Redirect Links for advertising purposes would be inappropriate for societal reasons. 
In such cases, Partner shall not be relieved of its obligation to pay the usage fees borne in relation to such raw data.
9. Distribution of Advertisements Upon System Failure
LINE shall bear no responsibility for cases where LINE and/or its Affiliate is unable to distribute scheduled advertisements or is unable to distribute advertisements appropriately due to (i) disaster, telecommunication issues or other force majeure events, third-party hacking or cracking, internet infrastructure failures or other server failures on Partner’s side, or any other reason that cannot be attributed to LINE, or (ii) necessary measures taken by LINE in order to provide the Service, such as performing emergency system maintenance, checkups or maintenance.
10. Exemption from Liability
(1) Attribute information used for targeting is calculated based on analysis of LINE’s Users’ behavior using an original algorithm set by LINE, and LINE does not guarantee that the attribute information is accurately attributed to each User.
(2) LINE shall not, in any case, guarantee or bear responsibility in relation to: (a) the raw data and Redirect Links; (b) any acts by the LINE’s and/or its Affiliate’s users or any third parties in relation to raw data or Redirect Links; (c) proposal documents or any items provided or lent out by LINE and/or its Affiliate to Partners in relation to advertisement distribution (including, without limitation, advice, proposals, predictions, or any other information provided by LINE to Partners), or any results of their use; or (d) the quality of raw data, its distribution location, and the accuracy of the targeting feature.
(3) Even when the advertisement distribution system is operating properly, there may be cases where advertisement content will not be correctly displayed or the users cannot be redirected to the Redirect Links by clicking, due to the User’s settings, the version of the app, or other settings and usage environment issues. LINE shall also bear no responsibility in such cases as well.
11. Display of Raw Data After Elapse of Advertisement Distribution Period
Partners acknowledge and agree that, even after the elapse of the advertisement distribution period, raw data distributed on the Service during such period shall continue to be viewable on the devices of users who received distribution of the advertisements during such period.
12. Payment
LINE will calculate the usage fees for the Service at the end of each month and will, in principle, send an invoice to Partner before the tenth (10th) business days of the following month. Partner shall pay the usage fees described on the invoice to the bank account designated by LINE as per respective invoice provided by LINE unless otherwise agreed by LINE and Partner. Partner shall bear any bank commissions imposed on such payment.
13. Handling of Data
In the Service, Partner’s advertisements will be displayed on the Users’ Timeline and/or advertisement slots in the messages sent from Partner’s or LINE’s LINE Official Account. LINE will provide Partner with click counts, impression totals, completed views and other data related to the results of the advertisement, in relation to advertisements distributed by Partner (not including information which enables Partner to identify an individual; hereinafter, “Provided Information”). With regard to Provided Information and advertisement identifier information used within the Service, Partner agrees that LINE may acquire and use the said information perpetually, without bearing any royalties, for the purpose of enhancing the performance of the Service and/or improving the overall quality of the Service.
14. Relationship Between General Terms and Conditions and Media Guidelines
General Terms and Conditions, the items prescribed in the media guidelines relating to the Service, and Distribution Guidelines shall apply to the Service. In any instance where there is a conflict between these provisions, the media guidelines shall take precedence, followed by Distribution Guidelines, these Terms of Use, and then General Terms and Conditions.  
15. Changes to These Terms of Use
LINE may modify these Terms of Use, General Terms and Conditions, Distribution Guidelines, the media guidelines, or any other associated LINE’s guidelines without providing Partners with any prior notice. After modification, LINE may publicly release the amended Terms of Use or media guidelines on LINE website, or deliver them individually to Partners. Partners shall be deemed to have given their consent to the modifications of these Terms of Use, General Terms and Conditions, Distribution Guidelines, the media guidelines, or any other associated LINE’s guidelines upon their use of the Service after such public release or delivery.

Last updated on August 22, 2018.