LINE MyCustomer Terms of Use


Article 1. Purpose

These LINE MyCustomer Terms of Use (these “Terms”) set forth the Terms and conditions for the use of LINE MyCustomer for LINE Official Accounts (the “Service”) provided by LINE Corporation and/or its affiliates (hereinafter collectively referred to as the “Company”).  These Terms shall be applied in addition to the LINE Official Account Terms of Use and other relevant terms, and if any inconsistency or the like arises between these Terms and the LINE Official Account Terms of Use and other relevant terms, these Terms shall prevail.  


Article 2. Application for Use

1.Only those customers who have entered into a contract with the Company with respect to the use of LINE Official Accounts may make an application for the Service.  A contract relating to the use of the Service (a “Contract”) shall be concluded at the time when the Company receives and accept such application.

2.These Terms apply to customers in addition to the LINE Official Account Terms of Use and other relevant terms, so customers must comply with the LINE Official Account Terms of Use and other relevant terms and these Terms. The Company may apply any of LINE Official Account Terms of Use to customers when using this Service, particularly in Article 13 “Suspension, Change, and Completion of Services”, Article 16 “Restrictions regarding Use of the Accounts”, Article 17 “Prohibited Acts”, and Article 18 “Use Suspension and Termination”.

3.In particular, customers shall ensure that their actions and operations when using the Service (not limited to automatically-generated actions and operations, and including sounds and messages etc.,) will not contravene the restrictions or prohibited acts etc., set forth in the LINE Official Account Terms of Use. In such case, the “LINE Official Account” in the LINE Official Account Terms of Use shall be read and interpreted as “the Service” in these Terms.

4.In the event of the termination of the contract or suspension of service for a LINE Official Account, the Contract shall be automatically terminated or this Service shall be automatically suspended. 

Article 3. Details of the Service
1.The Service provides on-top features for LINE Official Account which consisting of various core functions (including surveys, personalization message, and audience grouping etc.). The Service can be applied to each customer’s LINE Official Account, upon conclusion of Contract between Company and customers.
2.When using Service, it is customers’ own responsibilities to ensure that customers have sufficient and available broadcasting messages usage in customers’ LINE Official Account. 

Article 4. Modification of the Terms
The Company may modify the Terms and the nature of services, etc. provided by this Service, by providing customers with an announcement or notification to such effect, as needed based on the Company’s sole discretion or pursuant to the applicable laws. In case that customers have continued to use this Service following a modification, such customers shall be deemed to have consented to such modification of the Terms and the nature of services, etc.

Article 5. Period of Use
The period of use begins from the date a customer enters into a Contract with the Company, and expires on the 12th month anniversary from the date in which a Contract is concluded. For instance, if a Contract is concluded on 1 October 2020, the Service may be used until 30 September 2021.

Article 6. Use Fees
1.Once the Company and the customer mutually agree to use the Service, the nature, use fees, period of use, and due date for payment for the Service, etc., shall be stipulated in the Contract (may be in form of insertion order or other documents as the Company determine) to be entered into by and between the Company and customer.
2.The Company may change the prices specified in the preceding paragraph by announcing or providing notice to the customers to such effect and further execution between Company and customers (as applicable). 
3.The executed Contract is non-cancellable by customers. Even when customers would like to cancel the Service within any given month, such customers shall pay the entirety of the whole monthly use fees that are applicable to such month, and such fees shall not be computed on a per diem basis and for the remaining period of use as specified in the Contract. In addition, even when the Service has been cancelled, no fees prepaid by customers shall be refunded by the Company. 
4.Upon paying use fees to the Company, if consumption taxes (or VAT) are to be imposed on such payment subject to the provisions of applicable laws or regulations, customers shall pay the use fees together with amounts equivalent to applicable taxes.
5.In case that customers have delayed payment of use fees for the Service, the Contracts (subject to the Terms between the Company and such customers) shall be automatically terminated. Even if damage has been caused to customers arising from such termination, the Company shall not assume any responsibility therefor to such customers. In addition, such customers shall pay to the Company delinquency charges at the rate of 7.5% (computed on a per diem basis) per annum regarding unpaid amounts during the relevant overdue period.

Article 7. Refund
The customers agree that the use fees are paid on an annual basis (or otherwise agreed by the Company) and the Company will not refund any use fees which have already been paid, regardless of the reason.

Article 8. Handling of User Information
1.If the customers collect information from users (meaning end user who has installed LINE Application and agreed to use LINE Official Account and the Service) by using the Service, the customer is the sole responsibility of such information. The customers must exercise due care in handling such information at their own responsibility to ensure that such information is not used in an unlawful manner. The Company may treat any and all activities conducted under the authentication information as activities that have been conducted by the customers with whom the authentication information is registered. However, the Company has no obligation to monitor or review any information submitted to the Services.
2.The customers agree in advance that all information is collected by the Customer will be deleted at the Company’s discretion if the Contract is expired or terminated or the provision of the Service is terminated.
3.The collection of personal information (as defined under the data protection law) including but limited to name, date of birth, phone number, address, national identification number by using survey feature is prohibited. 
4.The Company is not responsible for any damages or losses for the foregoing information

Article 9. Handling of Personal Identifiable Information
1.The Company will use Personally Identifiable Information of customer ("PII") that the customer provided to the Company to provide and operate the Service, to fulfill our contractual obligation with you, and to comply with applicable laws and regulations, in accordance with LINE Privacy Policy.
2.The Company will use or disclose PII only for the purposes for which it has been collected, except with your consent, or as required or permitted by applicable law, and we will retain your information only as long as necessary to fulfill those purpose.
3.If there is any change to the customer’s registered matters, the customer shall promptly notify the Company of the change according to the Company’s prescribed method.
4.If the Company receives the notice in the preceding paragraph, the Company may request the Customer to provide a document evidencing such change, and the customer shall comply with such request

Article 10. Suspension of Use; Termination
In the case of a customer breaching these Terms or LINE Official Account Terms of Use, the Company may suspend such customer’s use of the Service at its sole discretion without the need for any notification, or may terminate the Contract with such customer.  Even if any damage is caused to the customer arising from the aforementioned suspension of use or termination, the Company shall not assume any responsibility or refund therefor to such customer.

Article 11.  No Warranty
The Company provides no warranty, either explicitly or implicitly, with respect to the Service, that there are no defects (including, without limitation, defects in security, etc., errors, bugs, and infringement of rights, etc.), and as to the safety, reliability, accuracy, completeness, effectiveness and fitness for a particular purpose of the Service. The Company will in no way be responsible for having to provide customers with the Service after deleting such defects.

Article 12.  Language, Governing Law, and Jurisdiction
These Terms shall apply to customers for which the Company has determined their affiliated country and region to be Thailand. If any contradictions exist between these Terms and any linguistic translation of these Terms provided by the Company, these Terms in their original English language shall supersede. These Terms shall be governed by the laws of Japan without reference to the principles of conflict of law. Any and all disputes related to the Service between the Company and a customer shall be brought before the Tokyo District Court as the court having exclusive jurisdiction in the first instance. 

Enacted 24 December 2020