Data Collected from the "Share location with LINE" Setting

Your location info helps us provide you with useful information and new services
We, LY Corporation (“we,” “us,” or “our”), use your device's location to send you the most relevant information we can, both for ensuring your safety in emergency situations as well as assisting you in daily life. For example, you can receive emergency disaster warnings, weather alerts, and coupons for nearby stores.

How we collect and manage your data
You can give us access to your location by going to Settings > Privacy > "Provide usage data" > "Share location with LINE." After granting access, we may collect data on your device's location and its movement speed while the LINE app is open. This data is handled according to our Privacy Policy.
You can delete your collected location info by going to Settings > Privacy > "Provide usage data" > "Delete data."
We will not collect any location info if you've blocked LINE from accessing your location in your device's location settings, even if the in-app share location setting is turned on.
If the in-app share location setting is turned off, you can still use services that require your location, as long as you grant LINE access to it in your device's location settings. Services will only collect location info when needed and only after specific user actions.

How your location info is used to send you ads
By agreeing to share your location, we may occasionally provide you with ads that use your device's location and cater to your specific needs and interests. This also includes ads from third parties.
As a rule, we never share your actual device's location info with advertisers. Instead, we assign your account with non-identifiable demographic tags based on your device's location, such as your general region (for example: Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan) or whether you are traveling or not, to provide you with relevant ads.

Matching your interests based on location info
By comparing data from various our services with your location info, we're able to make guesses about your interests. For example, we can analyze your restaurant reservation history and coupon usage to guess that you're interested in food options in a certain area.
We only send ads based on users' visits to specific points of interest or events when large numbers of users also visit these locations. We never use your visit history to determine or estimate any personal details about you, such as your religious, sexual, or medical details. Learn more about demographic optimization for ads.
This setting has no effect on locations estimated from the data that you provide yourself by using the service, such as your country of residence, language settings, IP address, and network connection details.
Data on visits to specific points of interest or events may also be acquired via LINE Beacon and is not affected by this setting. Learn more about how LINE Beacon handles your info.